Quality Barn Stored, Seasoned, Hardwood Logs
No matter what the weather, logs stored dry, delivered dry.

The logs we supply are produced to meet all requirements as set out in the new air quality legislation which came into effect 1.5.21

Delivering 7 days a week

Offering Environmentally Safe Firewood

When it comes to quality seasoned, hardwood, barn stored logs, you can never go wrong with logs supplied by Winchfield Landscape Services. We strive to provide high quality hardwood logs, with prompt delivery, professional and friendly service.

We supply our barn stored, seasoned, hardwood logs to homeowners with free delivery within a 10-mile radius of Alresford, Hampshire.  Free delivery to local areas, such as Alresford, Ropley, Medstead, Four Marks, Farringdon, Alton & surrounding areas. For delivery to areas outside the free delivery radius, please contact us for a delivery charge quote.

We source our timber from UK managed woodlands. Our hardwood logs are seasoned for a minimum of one year and are mainly ash and beech. Logs are cut at 8” as standard, while other sizes are available upon request. Full and half loads of logs are delivered loose.  Sacks of logs are very popular with our customers who have limited storage or restricted access. 

Please get in touch with us today to learn more about us and our products. You may also order our logs using the form at the bottom of this page.

More About Us

Seasoned Firelogs is the log distribution arm of  Winchfield Landscape Services Ltd., a business which has been trading for nearly 20 years. We have established a reputation as a business which provides a consistently reliable and quality service to all our clients. A local supplier of quality logs, we provide free delivery to clients within a 10-mile radius of Alresford, Hampshire.    

We  keep it simple, we understand what our customers want, quality firewood with good service  and strive to meet our clients expectations.                          

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