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Advantages of Using Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Seasoned is the term used to describe the drying out process of logs, reducing the moisture content after felling. Freshly felled and chopped hardwood has around 50% moisture content. A seasoned log minimum moisture content should be 25%; the logs we supply have a substantially lower moisture content, which is the result of time and effort taken to effectively season the logs to provide the best burn.

Unseasoned or logs with high moisture content will result in disappointing fire results, such as little heat, smokey rather than producing a clean burning fire, which can also result in creating deposits of tar in the chimney.

Hardwood tends to be denser than softwood and will, therefore, burn longer .

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We are a local firewood company that sells quality logs. We offer FREE delivery  within 10 miles radius of Alresford. Including the following and surrounding areas:
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Why Choose Our Logs

Our timber is sourced only from managed woodlands. Wood is a renewable resource which means that it can be replenished by nature over a period of time.

Provided that they are cared for and managed properly, our forests can be a perpetual source of fuel. Firewood can be a great alternative to gas, oil and coal which are being depleted at a rate far faster than the millions of years it took nature to make them.


Burning properly seasoned logs releases carbon dioxide; this is absorbed from the atmosphere and used for growth by other trees and plants.

Unlike the burning of fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil), burning firewood releases no more greenhouse gases than leaving wood to simply rot on the forest floor. If we grow, cut and burn firewood responsibly, wood burning could actually be a good choice for our environment.

How to Store Seasoned Logs

Protect the logs from rain and keep them off the ground in an airy place such as an open-sided lean-to. Wood will rot and go mouldy if you keep it completely covered with plastic tarpaulin for example; air must circulate around the stored logs.

Make sure the logs are off the ground. Wooden pallets are ideal; they enable air to circulate underneath the logs.

Staking logs in rows with gaps between allows ends to dry out.


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